2013 Fellows  

"Having come to law school to work for social justice as an attorney, the CJP was the perfect place for me to learn about the roles that lawyers can play in the social justice movement. The CJP's focus on mentorship and preparing young attorneys to practice law in a way that builds power with their clients makes the CJP's summer internship program so special." 

Eric Eingold 
Brooklyn Law School, 2015 

 "Working at the Community Justice Project was the most formative experience of my law school career. My summer exposed me to both the theory of and the practice of community lawyering grounded in grassroots movements for social justice."

Leah Weston
University of Miami, 2014 

“Every day of my summer as an Ella Baker at the CJP was full of learning. I learned more than I think I'll ever learn in law school - about how to be an effective advocate, how to keep our clients at the forefront of our work, how to be creative in interpreting and analyzing the law, how to use the law as a movement tool, and most importantly how to build relationships both in and outside of the office that help further social justice movements.”

Jasmina Nogo
N.C.C.U. School of Law, 2015 

"Working at the Community Justice Project is the perfect opportunity for individuals who are committed to using their legal skills to affect social change. The practical skills that I gained through the hands-on experience offered during this internship has served me tremendously. Above all, CJP interns will not only gain life-long mentors, they will gain life-long friends. Go CJP!" 

Tianna Bethune
University of Georgia School of Law, 2015 


2012 Fellows 

 "This summer at the CJP was a very rewarding experience.  It provided a unique opportunity to use practical legal skills in the service of others.  The program's focus on professional development and reflective lawyering was exceptional.  The weekly seminars were informative and interesting.   I enjoyed having a close working relationship with my coworkers. " 

Joseph Kano 
Columbus School of Law, Catholic Univ. '13  

"Working at the Community Justice Project at Florida Legal Services was an incredible experience. I sincerely enjoyed having the opportunity to use legal skills to advocate for systemic change. All of the attorneys and fellow staff members at Florida Legal Services were passionate, welcoming, and helpful in every way possible. Above all, the Community Justice Project values and prioritizes mentorship of young attorneys."

Joshua Truppman
University of Miami School of Law 2013 


2011 Fellows

"The Social Justice Summer program was a rejuvenating experience that rooted out much of the cynicism that had developed in me after my first year in law school. Even though I was exposed to deep injustice and crushing inequality, my summer at the CJP left me with a sense that the fight for social justice in Miami, and the rest of the country, is far from over. The Social Justice Summer helped me understand where I fit in to this larger struggle for a better society and the steps that I need to take get there. For students who feel disillusioned by the often self-centered, big-law firm influenced law school experience, there is a home in Miami at the Community Justice Project. " 

MIchael Gillman
Univ of Notre Dame Law School '13 


2010  Fellows

"….I learned an incredible amount…CJP is truly an innovative and beneficial social justice tool for organizations in the Miami community. While I am grateful to have had the opportunity to join the fight for socioeconomic progress and reform, the best part was the supportive and sincere guidance of the CJP attorneys."

Ashley Matthews 
University of Miami School of Law ‘12

“I had a great experience…and would recommend the Program to anyone interested in Community Lawyering work. …I was able to continue developing my legal writing skills while conducting on-the-ground work such as attending community meetings, city and county hearings, and interviewing clients…I was able to work closely with my supervising attorney, who greatly valued my input.”

Andres Idarraga
Yale Law School ‘11

“I worked with vibrant communities and inspiring organizers under the guidance of attorneys who were as introspective as they were proactive. The fellowship pushed me to ask questions that went unanswered; to challenge complacency with the way things have always been and imagine how things should be; to think innovatively for solutions or strategies that went outside of the traditional recourse of litigation; and to reconsider the role of lawyers in the quest for racial and economic justice. I was moved to create a vision of a just world and work tirelessly from that moment onward to attain that vision.”

Talitha Hazelton
DePaul University College of Law ‘12


 2009 Fellows

“My summer as a Social Justice Fellow was invaluable in helping me decide the type of lawyer that I want to be. I was able to do varied and interesting work in a broad range of areas, including impact litigation, housing rights, and wage theft. Far from ‘busy work,’ I always felt that work I did as an intern mattered and our supervising attorneys provided great examples of how to advocate for clients. Moreover, through focused weekly discussions, interns explored both substantive and theoretical issues facing public interest lawyers. I would recommend it for any law student looking for a wonderful summer experience.”

Keita Rose-Atkinson
Columbia Law School ‘11

“I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  I was able to apply my classroom knowledge to real-world situations...Each week I was given the opportunity to meet one-on-one with the attorneys to go over my assignments, progress, and ideas.  I also worked with an intimate and fantastic group of interns from differing backgrounds with whom I shared weekly educational seminars...I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to build relationships, gain hands-on experience in the public interest field, and hone their practical litigation skills that will aid you throughout your time at law school and into your professional career.”

Kristen Lee-Williams
University of Miami School of Law ‘11

“…The quality and depth of my experience that summer has yet to be matched.  I am deeply invested in doing social justice work and I haven’t found another organization that works so hard or is so committed to infusing their practice with a social justice ethos. From start to finish, beginning with the orientation and training materials, and continuing through weekly social justice workshops, meeting community partners, witnessing community work and direct actions, conducting rigorous legal research, assisting in direct legal services, sitting in on depositions, attending hearings, and drafting original materials, the internship was all I could have possibly wanted. The office environment was the best I’ve experienced...I couldn’t recommend an internship more highly than I recommend CJP.”

Sarah Leistikow
UCLA School of Law '11