NLIHC Honors Chuck Elsesser with 2014 Housing Leadership Awards

The National Low Income Housing Coalition announced the 2014 honorees of our Annual Housing Leadership Awards. Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy will receive the Edward W. Brooke III Housing Leadership Award. Attorney Charles Elsesser of the Community Justice Project Florida Legal Services will receive the Cushing N. Dolbeare Lifetime Service Award.

Since taking office in January 2011, Governor Malloy has made addressing affordable housing and homelessness a top priority, earning him praise from Connecticut housing advocates including residents of public and assisted housing. He is leading the way for governors to make good on the promise to end homelessness in their states.

As a long time legal services attorney, Chuck Elsesser has represented hundreds of low income residents in their quest for housing justice. He is representing NLIHC and others in the 2013 suit to lift the suspension on the requirement that government sponsored enterprises Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac fund the National Housing Trust Fund. He served three terms on the NLIHC board of directors, completing nine years of board service in 2012.