School-to-Prison Pipeline

The Community Justice Project supports the work of Power U Center for Social Change to bring Restorative Justice to Miami-Dade Schools. A recent study by John Hopkins University found that just one out of school suspension can double the risk of a student won't graduate from high school, yet tens of thousands of Miami-Dade students face this ineffective disciplinary practice each year. With high-stakes testing pressures, mounting violence making its way into the schools and dwindling resources, our schools are in a state of crisis.

Restorative Justice seeks to build community from the ground up to counter-act these forces and heal student-educator relationships. It offers the opportunity to repair harms and learn from mistakes, without excluding young people from their studies or the school community.

Power U has also partnered with Advancement Project to further this campaign and produced materials to educate school leaders and teachers on Restorative Justice.