The Community Justice Project represents the driver-led New Vision Taxi Drivers Association in their work to secure fair working conditions for drivers across Miami-Dade County. CJP's support for the Association includes capacity building and training, policy advocacy and direct representation of drivers in some cases.

On December 8, 2016, we held Salon Juste No. 2: On Getting Around - A Conversation on Taxi Drivers, Uber and the Consumer in Between. Taxi drivers and Uber drivers shared what's at stake for them as the transportation industry rapidly evolves. While the future of their work hangs in the balance, it is important to remember how we can support the workers making the system run in the mean time. Here are a few ways you can help:

1. Sign New Vision Drivers Association petition on reforming the taxi system in Miami-Dade:

2. Ask companies like Juno to come to Miami. Juno is a driver-centered TNE. As a start, read more about Juno here and here.

3. The consumer has power and responsibility. Consumers can call on Uber to give riders the option to tip. They can call on Uber/Lyft  to create an appeals process for drivers being deactivated and give them the ability to organize into an association. 

4. Pay attention to what's happening in the County, get informed and call on Commissioners to do better for drivers. Drivers are residents too and their prosperity lifts prosperity of the County.

5. Taxi drivers and Uber/Lyft drivers are at their core entrepreneurs. Think about ways the County, educational institutions and other entities can help connect drivers to training opportunities and other resources for them to find other kinds of work. 





CBS4 Miami investigated the extreme working conditions for taxi drivers and profiled New Vision leaders in November 2013.