This project tackles state violence by providing space where those who find themselves silenced, stripped of their voice or ignored can reclaim their narratives in poetry. It does so in a way that does not reinforce victimhood but rather evokes power, as we seek to build a community of trust among workshop participants who engage with each other not as “client,” or “organizer,” but as fellow learners, writers, friends. The workshops will give participants an outlet to tell the story of now, an opportunity to chronicle events central to their lives as they happen, and a space to take shelter in even as traumatic, unjust or disruptive events happen in their outside lives.

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WOrkshop Series I begins Jan. 8

Our first series will consist of weekly Monday evening workshops between January and March 2018 in Little Haiti. Participants will be asked to commit to attending the whole series, as well as participate in various projects or performances to share highlights from the workshop.

Led by poet Aja Monet, Voices workshops will bring together arts and organizing centered in local Miami neighborhoods, including those from Spanish- and Creole-speaking communities. Voices: Poetry for the People is a collaboration of Aja Monet, Community Justice Project, Smoke Signals Studio and Dream Defenders. It is made possible thanks to the generous support of Knight Foundation, Kindle Project Fund of the Common Counsel Foundation, and supporters like you.

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