Lawyers: Deputies Discriminated Against Black Attendees at Trump Rally

In response to racially discriminatory treatment and harassment of attendees by Palm Beach County Sherriff's deputies at recent Donald Trump for President campaign event, Community Justice Project & the National Lawyers Guild South Florida Chapter sent a letter to Mayor Berger & Sheriff Bradshaw condemning the deputies' actions and demanding that law enforcement immediately cease enforcement of the campaigns' racially discriminatory policies.

"Racial discrimination and the suppression of political speech should never be taken lightly. We cannot condone the above actions by PBSO deputies, state actors who selectively suppressed the speech of people of color at an event where the candidate is known to preach hate against Muslim, immigrant, and other oppressed communities. The PBSO deputies’ actions are an unconscionable violation of both the First and Fourteenth Amendment. While Mr. Trump may have his own First Amendment rights to express this hateful rhetoric, it does not justify the Sheriff’s Department’s proactive steps to bar young people of color from the event. "

To learn more about the work of Black Lives Matter Alliance Broward, visit them on facebook.

Footage from the event can be seen below:


Posted by Peter Da More on Sunday, March 13, 2016